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Dear Parents


We are pleased to inform you that River Valley Primary School will be upgraded with additional facilities as part of MOE’s plan to further support holistic education. The upgrading works will be carried out from May 2016 to December 2017 .


During upgrading, the school will continue to operate at its current site and I would like to assure parents that there will not be any disruptions to the curriculum during this period. However, I seek parents’ understanding that some noise and inconveniences are unavoidable. We will take the necessary measures to minimise noise and ensure safety, security and smooth operations during theupgrading period.   


Under the upgrading, additional facilities such as Band Room, Dance Studio, PAL Room, Teaching Lab, Outdoor Experiential Learning areas will be provided. These new facilities will encourage greater interaction and self-discovery, and facilitate experiential and hands-on learning. An indoor sports hall will also be provided as part of the upgrading.


As the indoor sports hall will be built on the site where our current canteen is, a temporary canteen with no kitchen facilities will be set up in our Games Hall. We are currently looking into possible alternative catering models to provide meals for our students and staff from end-May onwards. Once details have been finalised, we will update all parents.  


We seek your continuous support and understanding in this upgrading project to enhance the school’s infrastructure as we work together to provide a holistic education for the children.


Regular updates on the progress of the upgrading project during this period will be put up on our school website for your information.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Vice-Principals, Mr Phang Eng Poh or Mrs Audrey Yeo at 6737 1785, or email us at rvps_peri_upgrading@moe.edu.sg  
Thank You
Mdm Wong Li Peng
21 March 2016
  RVPS_ PERI Upgrading Update.pdf  (Please Click to view the document)