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National Education (NE) /Social Studies (SS) / Values-In-Action (VIA) Department


Curriculum Customisation


National Education in RVPS is guided by a framework that articulates the NE goals and approaches. In this framework, meaningful opportunities are created for cross-cultural exchanges and international exposure through overseas twinning programmes / overseas Service Learning with a structured post-programme reflection component.


Students acquire socio-cultural sensitivity through Learning Journeys and Values-In-Action Programmes. Structured reflection is also incorporated in the activities to enable students to internalize their learning.


A school-wide approach is adopted to infuse National Education into curriculum and school programmes.



There are also 4 NE Core Events and Celebrations in a year; namely Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day to enable students to appreciate our national identity and develop a sense of belonging to the country.


NE Ambassadors are appointed to play significant roles in inculcating the six NE messages in their peers. Trainings for NE ambassadors are held at least once in each term to empower them with the necessary skills to lead the school in our NE journey. 

Hong Kong Uniformed Group Exchange 2013


Service Learning @ Malacca – Cleaning Up Montfort Home

Little India – Henna designs!

Deepavali – How to tie a dhoti


NE ambassadors’ training 






Integrated Learning


RVians will develop to be active contributors to the society through the structured and progressive Values-In-Action Programme (VIA). VIA is reframed from Community Involvement Programme (CIP) to give greater focus to students acquiring values.


Students will display core values through age-appropriate and sustained experiential learning with a 6-year progressive plan. Students will learn to take responsibility for their personal space in class and at home at lower primary and contribute to the school and initiate collective action among themselves to improve the lives of the community and beyond as they progress to upper primary.


Co-curriculum activities and integrated project work are employed as platforms for to create greater opportunities for students to demonstrate care and contribute actively to the lives of others.


Progressive Development


In every level, formative and summative assessments are used to provide feedback to the students’ learning in Social Studies. Grading will encompass project assessments as well as written tests. Learning journeys are planned for each level using the experiential approach to enhance their learning.



Learning Journey to Kampong Glam

International Friendship Day – Use of ICT 

Harnessing ICT


ICT is incorporated in Social Studies learning through research and presentations of projects in the different levels.


In the integration of NE into the core curriculum, students also embarked in ICT work like writing emails to provide their views on societal issues.  


NE Quiz is also held annually for the Primary Six students through an online game platform to assess the students’ NE knowledge.


Ipads and laptops are used during NE core events celebrations to introduce the learning of NE through technology to students.





In line with the school’s vision of inspiring learners and edifying leaders, RVians are empowered with national education knowledge through self-directed learning in research work and experiential learning. Students develop greater ownership in their learning and will grow to become active contributors in the society.


 Community Drumming




The department works closely with external partners like the Central Development Council, National Environment Agency, APEX, SPCA etc to enable students to broaden their horizons in their quest for greater community involvement.


Close partnership is also fostered with the school’s PSG to organize NE events and involve parents in the process of inculcating NE values in the students.







 Bright Home Programme with CDC