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InfoComm Technology (ICT)

Curriculum Customization

Through curriculum customization, the ICT department has implemented a few initiatives to ensure that the ICT development of our pupils is maximized. In order to make picking up of ICT skills more relevant. The use of ICT to enhance the teaching and learning for our pupils is integrated into all subjects. The affordances provided by using these tools makes learning not only more engaging but also allows pupils to revisit lessons on their own.


ICT Power workshops are also organized for each primary level to focus on the important baseline ICT skills so as to prepare them for the future.


    • Integration of ICT into syllabus
      • Each C&I department works to integrate ICT into at least 50% of its curriculum.
      • In order to maintain meaningful and relevant ICT integration in the curriculum, semestral reviews also done to review the ICT integration so as to make improvements for the next year.


    • ICT Power Workshops
      • Important ICT baseline skills like researching on the Internet, word processing, analyzing information in spreadsheets, working with images are organized for each primary level of study.
      • To make the acquisition of skills and the learning more relevant, the enrichment programmes are also integrated with a project linked with a curriculum subject.
      • Pupils also reinforce their ICT baseline skills in subsequent years with ICT integrated lessons.


    • Online ICT Resources
      • The school leverages on both free and subscription based online ICT resources to make learning more accessible to parents and pupils.
      • Online resources like Xuele for Mother Tongue and Problemsums.com for Mathematics are regularly used.



Learning Management System

The school has been leveraging on the AsknLearn Learning Management System since 2004. The portal incorporates a collection of learning resources like videos and quizzes organized by level and subject. 


In addition to these learning resources the portal also allows teachers to create quizzes and assign work for pupils to practice at home. The portal also provides the pupils an opportunity to experience Web 2.0 technology like Wikis and Social Networks in a safe environment.  



Dear all, click on the link ELDERLY USING TECHNOLOGY to watch the ICT NICA COMPETITION VIDEO 2013.