About RV

Values-In-Action (VIA)

The school’s VIA Framework seeks to provide a spectrum of learning experiences to improve on how our students and staff work and learn in school by:

  • Equipping them with the values, knowledge and skills,
  • Enriching their lives by keeping them curious to find and sustain the joy in learning,
  • Exploring issues pertaining to school and community and,
  • Empowering them to contribute to the community meaningfully

Guided by the 3H (Head, Heart, Hand), the school’s VIA programme is part of a holistic education with a range of activities planned and implemented focusing on the following:

Caring for School: The Li’l Clean-up implemented in every class to care for their classrooms

LiL Clean up done at the last 5 minute of class.jpg
Li’L Clean up done at the last 5 minute of class

Caring for the Environment:  P1-P6 Cleaning of School Canteen (GLOW and GLOW-X), P3 and P4- reducing food wastage and keeping environment litter-free 

Students involved in GLOW-X.jpg
Students involved in GLOW-X

Caring for the Community: P6 VIA with Thye Hua Kwan (THK)

P6 students engage with the senior citizens from THK.jpg
P6 students engage with the senior citizens from THK

All CCAs involved in CCA-initiated VIA.

The VIA programme in RVPS is also guided by the school’s Leadership Qualities, them being: Communication, Collaboration, Care and Respect. The VIAs planned for each level of students provide avenues for the students to sharpen their leadership skills by:

  • Communication – voicing out opinions and concerns about the community through class discussions; reflecting on their role as active contributors to the community; presenting their ideas to their class / school; raising awareness to the public through their interaction with them

  • Collaboration – through the brainstorming with ideas as a class and in groups to address the problems / concerns in the community; collaboration with partners like THK and NEA

  • Care – addressing issues / concerns with the community displays care for the environment; care for the elderly by engaging them in activities 

  • Responsibility – as concerned citizens of Singapore by being responsible for the cleanliness in the classroom environment, the school environment and the community (hawker centres)