About RV

Dance Ensemble


The coolest CCA to join!!

Previously known as International Dance and Chinese Dance CCAs, starting 2012, the two groups were merged to form RV’s Dance Ensemble. With a total of about 80 strong membership currently, Dance Ensemble continues to be a popular choice among girls who have a passion to “Moove their Bodies”!! Boys welcomed too! In this CCA, pupils get to experience an enriching journey of learning different genres of dance (Hip hop, Ballet, Chinese, Tribal, Contemporary, Indian, etc) Based on pupils’ interest and ability, they will get to learn dance sequences taught by professionals for various school performances as well as external performances/competitions. Apart from dancing, the upper primary pupils will also get a chance to participate in enrichment activities like basic make-up techniques. And what’s more? Pupils get to develop their psycho-motor skills and develop their coordination, rhythmic and balancing skills. Teamwork, Excellence and Discipline are values that we emphasise in this CCA.