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To date, RVPS Drama Club has put up numerous musicals with the most memorable ones being Funtasea (1997) and Purple Skies (2002).


 The aim of the Club is to provide opportunities for pupils to perform in front of an audience, be it poetry recitals, skits or storytelling. As such, the practice focuses primarily on speech, observation skills, concentration and imagination activities and spatial awareness. There are also opportunities for the pupils to learn about stage make-up and costuming, prop making and stage management.


The Drama Club also aims to develop pupils’ ability to express themselves in Chinese more fluently and confidently. Through a series of activities such as tongue-twisters, cross-talk, recitation etc, pupils engage in learning the Chinese Language with music, rhythmic movements and role-playing, games. This not only makes learning Chinese a fun thing to do, but also provides them with the opportunity to perform drama in this beautiful language.


We are proud to say that pupils learn great responsibility for themselves as well as accountability for the group as a whole. Many emerge more confident when speaking in front of others and in interpersonal skills. If you have the interest, the stage is set. Come and join the Drama Club for a life-enriching experience.




















Our Drama Kids were the 1ST Runner Up for the 8th National Primary Schools Chinese Play Competition this year! In addition to that, as 1st Runner Up, the RVPS Drama club received a check worth $500! They were also invited to perform the same skit for the school’s Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration concert. Congratulations to the actors!




















On the 17th of September, our Drama Club was invited to do a performance for the Tanglin-Cairnhill CCC Lantern Festival held at Tiong Bahru Park. Two of our kids were selected to perform a Chinese Cross Talk. They were Khim An and Khang Xinlu. The VIP for that Festival was Dr Indranee Rajah. She was very impressed by that performance that she personally thanked one of our teachers for our participation.





Our kids took part in the Annual Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival Stage!  Competition held at the Singapore Science Centre this year with a skit titled “Chemistry: The Good. The Bad The Evil.” They managed to grab the  1st Runner Up title!  As the 1st Runner Up, the Drama Club received a $500 check! On top of that, Athena Seak, one of our performers received the Best Performer Award this year! Congratulations to all the winners! Keep up the good work kids! The Singapore Science Centre invited our school to perform the same skit for their Young Scientist Award Presentation Ceremony on the 21st of September. 






Our Drama kids were invited to perform at SGH as part of their Community Involvement Programme(CIP). They performed a 5 minute skit in front of SGH patients & medical personnel.  The kids also performed the same skit in the National Day School Concert.