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Info-Comm Technology

The Info Comm Technology Club will focus on developing an appreciation and understanding of the uses of the different technological tools for the purposes of communications using a multi-modal approach, which is going beyond text to include videos and digital images.   This focus will be on developing an appreciation and necessary skills of 3 specific nodes of IT: Digital photography, Videography and Animation.


Digital Photography Group and Videography Group

Pupils in these groups will learn the basics of still photography and motion videography respectively through an understanding of the various facets of this as a creative art, a recorder of events as well as an interpreter of the Moments.  We will also learn and enjoy the other half of the photographic and video art – processing the raw captured images through the PC-based digital darkroom and video editing into the pictures and videos that tell the story.


Animation Group

In this group, pupils learn the programming skills that allow them to generate the stories and messages through digital animation.  They develop their story-telling and organizational abilities and while learning useful IT skills.


All pupils will also get the opportunities to participate in various IT-based competitions as well as contribute to helping record the important events of the school.  Previous teams from the RVPS ICT Club have won awards such as Merit Awards in successive School Digital Media Awards and being Champion (2007) and Finalist (2008) in the National Infocomm Club Awards.