About RV

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

In 2009, the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) committee gave their recommendations to raise the quality of primary education. A key aim of the recommendation was to achieve greater balance between the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills and values to better prepare our children to thrive in a fast-changing and globalised future.

PAL @ RVPS is a 2 year programme that has been integrated as part of the Primary 1 and 2 curriculum. Our students are provided with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in the following modules:


Primary 1

Sports & Games
Performing Arts: Drama
Outdoor Education 1

Primary 2

Outdoor Education 2
Visual Arts: Clay Art
Performing Arts: Percussion

Each module runs weekly for 7-9 lessons depending on the school's calendar. At the end of each lesson, students will share their reflection on their learning experience with the class.

We aim to develop our students to become confident, resilient and to have a positive attitude towards learning by providing them opportunities for experiential learning and development of these soft skills. It is through fun and collaborative group activities, that our students develop social and emotional competencies in the five learning domains of cognitive, moral, social, aesthetics and physical.