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School Crest

RVPS Logo.png

The Colours

The red, green and gold colours give a vivid identity of the school. Red depicts ambition and strength. Green stands for peace and harmony. Gold, on which the other colours rest, reflects richness and boldness. The brightness of the gold resembles the rays of the sun.

The 3 Rings

The rings represent the schools; namely, Kim Seng Primary School, River Valley English Primary School and River Valley Government Chinese Primary School. The interlocking of the rings signifies the unity of the three schools upon merging. Through the unity, the symbol of a close bond between the staff, students and parents is also reflected.

The Flame

The flame signifies the everlasting thirst for knowledge and the unceasing desire to strive for the best.


The letters R.V.P.S stand for River Valley Primary School.