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1.1. Attendance in school is compulsory. Attendance will be taken by the first period of the day.

1.2. For the AM session, pupils are required to be with their classes no later than 7.30am.
1.3. Students who are not with their classes when the flag-raising ceremony commences will be considered to be late .
1.4. All students and staff who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. The   
        pledge must be taken with the right fist placed over the heart.
1.5. Absence from school must be accompanied by a medical certificate and/or where appropriate, a note from parents.


2.1 The School uniform is to be worn whenever a student comes to school and at all school related activities including those held during the school vacation or outside the school premises. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

2.2 Uniform Prescription


2.2.1 Name tags are to be sewn on the left of their school uniform and below the school badge. For PE T-shirt, name tags are to be sewn above the school badge.
2.2.2 For boys, shirt are to be tucked in at all times.
2.2.3 For girls, their pinafores are to be at most 3 fingers length from the knee cap.
2.2.4 For girls, their belts are to be worn within the belt hoops.

2.3 Shoes and Socks
2.3.1 Only white canvas shoes are allowed.
2.3.2 Only RVPS socks are to be worn at all times.
2.4 School Tie

School ties are to be worn on General Assembly day.
2.5 PE Attire
2.5.1 Pupils are allowed to report to school in their PE attire on days which they have PE lessons. PE T-shirts are to be tucked in at all times.
2.5.2 On CCA days (Fridays) , P3-P6 pupils may wear their CCA T-shirt for the whole day.
2.6 Jewellery

 2.6.1 No ornaments or jewellery are allowed.

2.6.2 For girls, only a pair of simple gold or silver ear studs is allowed

2.6.3 For girls, only a set of ear hole piercing is allowed.

2.7 Hair

2.7.1 For boys, hair must be cut short and neat with slope at the back and not touching the collar. The hair at both sides should not touch the ears. Long side burns are not allowed. Hair must not be gelled / waxed.
2.7.2 All boys must be clean shaven, and no wearing of beard and moustache.
2.7.3 For girls, if they have hair touching the second line of the collar, it must be tied up neatly only with black or navy blue elastic band. Loose hair or fringe must be neatly pinned up. Fanciful haircuts are not allowed. Hair must not be tinted, dyed or gel.

3.1 Every class will be assessed based on the RVPS Merit System.

4.1 Students should not run or play in the canteen.
4.2 Students are to queue up to purchase food. Food and drinks are to be consumed in the canteen only.

To provide a conducive and safe learning environment within the school, we discourage students from bringing their mobile devices (mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, iPads, etc.) to school. We encourage parents/guardians to relay urgent messages via the General Office staff. At the same time, we recognize the need for parents/guardians to contact their child/ward on urgent matters during dismissal or after school hours. In cases where the need is genuine, we allow the students to bring their mobile phones upon signing the mobile device contract. Parents/Guardians have to sign and return the mobile devices contract to school via your child's/ward's Form Teachers.

However, the students would be bound by the following rules on its usage.
5.1 Mobile phones should not be seen or heard or used during school hours.
5.2 For urgent cases during school hours, pupils are allowed to make calls to their parents at the school’s General Office.
5.3 Mobile phones can only be used to contact parents/caregivers at the Foyer, outside the General Office, after school hours .
5.4 Students must be responsible in the use and safe keeping of their mobile phones. Mobile phones, which are brought to school, are sole responsibility of the owners and the school bears no responsibility for their loss or damages.

Non-compliance on the use of mobile phones in the school will result in the following consequences:
5.4.1 Students who do not adhere to the above rules will have their mobile phones confiscated after second reminder. Parents/Guardians will be required to personally collect the mobile phones from the students's respective Form Teachers.
5.4.2 Students who have mobile phones in their possession during examinations and tests will be considered as having the intention to cheat. This will be regarded as a serious offence.
5.4.3 The privilege of bringing phones to school will be withdrawn from repeat offenders.

River Valley Primary School considers environmental education as an important part of providing a holistic education for our students. Our school aims to inspire and edify a proactive and environmentally conscious school comunity with programme and green activities to promote learning and environmental conservation efforts.
Each individual in RVPS is an advocate an a leader in:
  • reducing waste,
  • conserving water and energy,  
  • taking responsible action to stop pollution,
  • maximising the use of recyclable and reusable materials,
  • educating and participating in school-wide and community greening efforts, and protecting, preserving and caring for the biodiversity of the environment in school, in our country and the world.