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Student Safety

Safety of our students is of paramount importance to us at RVPS. We have continuously emphasized the importance of good safety guidelines and practices to our students. Through school programmes such as Fire/ Emergency Evacuation exercises, learning journeys to the Road safety Park, talks by School Leaders and assembly sharing by the Singapore Road Safety Council and SBS Transit, our students are taught how to keep themselves safe at all times.




(A) Safety on the road

Students are constantly reminded to practise good personal road safety. They are told not to jay walk but to use footpaths and designated traffic crossings. Using of the Kerb drills skills taught at assemblies whenever they are using the roads are strongly encouraged. Additionally, they are not to cross at road bends or between stationary vehicles. Instead they are to cross from areas where they have full view of the traffic. This is to reinforce the importance of looking out for on-coming vehicles when crossing the road.

(B) Safety on the school bus

To ensure safety of our students, parents/guardians of students using the school bus are requested to ensure that the students obey the instructions of the driver and bus attendant. Students must be respectful to the bus driver and bus attendant, and be cooperative at all times. *Refer to student handbook 2020. Page 17-18 for more details.

(C) Safety on public buses

While waiting to board public buses, students have been advised to observe the following: 

(i) Stand on the sidewalk or away from the roadway.
(ii) Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before boarding or alighting from it.
(iii) Not to push or shove and to use the handrail and steps
(iv) If any article drops or rolls near or under the bus, not to go after it. Go to the door of the bus and ask the bus-driver for help

(D) Other road safety precautions

For the safety of our students, no vehicles are allowed to be driven into the school foyer when parents send and fetch their children. This is done to keep other students who are crossing the small road within the school safe. The only exception is when it rains. Parents are allowed to drive into the school to pick up their children at the foyer. We seek the cooperation of all parents who drive to school to follow traffic rules and regulations and practice road safety and courtesy for the safety of all our students and staff. Please refer to the additional letters on

Addtional Demerit Points to be awarded against Errant Drivers in School Zones.pdf

The school is under phase 2 of the rollout for 40km/h flashing lights. This new "40km/h When Light Flash" traffic sign is implemented to alert motorist to reduce their travelling speed to 40 km/h and drive carefully when they enter at Enhanced School Zone (ESZ).

  1. The "40km/h When Light Flash" sign compromise:

  2. "Children Ahead, School Zone" sign

  3. "40km/h" speed limit sign

  4. "When Lights Flash" sign with an attached pair of flashing amber lights

The sign will be located at the start of the ESZ along your school frontages.

(E) Safety during PE

All students are expected to participate in the physical education programme organised by the school. However, students who have pre-existing medical conditions certified by qualified doctors will be exempted from such physical activities. In addition, students do not feel well during P.E. lessons are also exempted. For such students, they must inform their PE teacher immediately. Students with asthmatic conditions are to have their prescribed reliever medicine in their bags at all times.

(F) Safety during outdoor activities – Lightning Warning System

There are a total of three lightning risk alert lamps in the school. They are located at the Parade Square, School Field and Basketball Court. Once the lightning risk alert lamps are in operation, all outdoor activities are to stop immediately and all personnel and students are to go under shelter until the lightning risk is cancelled.

(G) Other safety measures to keep students safe in RVPS

(i) To ensure the safety of all students and staff, all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the Security Post and get a Visitor’s Pass if you are to come into the school compound during school hours to meet with the school staff. Unauthorized personnel will be asked to leave the school premises. Parents who are fetching their children are requested to wait only at the foyer and sheltered areas at Gates 3 and 4 and not go beyond these areas. Parents are only allow to come into the school foyer, 15 minutes before dismissal time. 

(ii) To ensure students’ safety in school, students are not permitted to leave the school premises before dismissal time without the accompaniment of a related adult. Before a student can leave the school prematurely, proper documentation must be done at the school’s General Office. Given that school has the expectations that all students should remain in school throughout the day for the programmes which have been planned for them, no student will be allowed to leave the school premises without authorised approval from the school.

As we continue to impress upon our students the importance of personal safety and how they could take better care of themselves, parents’ and guardians’ partnership and support in this endeavour is very essential. We therefore seek the co-operation of all our parents and guardians to work closely with us through observing the safety measures put in place by the school and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) when outside the school’s premises.