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Vision, Mission & Values


Our Mission  

To Nurture our students to be Future-Ready by providing a Total Education in RVPS 

Our Vision

Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders


Our Core Values

Serve with Respect 
Lead with Integrity 
Live with Compassion
Learn with Excellence

School Motto

Strive for the Best

Strategic Thrusts

Enhancing Curriculum 
Enriching Character 
Empowering Staff
Engaging Partnerships
Enhancing Administration

Vision, Mission and Values Explained


1. We believe that every child wants to and can learn, develop and lead.
2. We believe that education is never just about knowledge and skills acquisitions. Importantly, it should also be about character and values inculcation.
3. We believe education must nurture creativity and curiosity in all children.
4. We believe education must empower all children to be critical in their thinking
5. We believe that learning takes place in safe and caring environment, and when children construct knowledge actively and collaboratively.


Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders

Our vision of “Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders” describes a school that inspires and edifies the lives of our staff and students. Inspiring Learners have the passion for continuous learning, seek better ways of doing things and become committed members of our school as a learning organization. Edifying Leaders have the confidence and leadership qualities to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Our staff is inspired to edify the lives of colleagues and students by co-creating our school as a great place to work, learn and play. We are committed to imbue our staff and students with this spirit of inspiring and edifying for us to contribute to the progress of our school and nation.


To Nurture our students to be Future-Ready by providing a Total Education in RVPS

Our mission upholds our commitment to mould the future of our nation, provide our students with a total education that is balanced, holistic, rigorous and progressive, and imbue them with knowledge, skills and values so that they are future-ready to fulfill their responsibilities to both family and nation. We engineer possibilities and enhance the opportunities for our students to learn, progress and succeed, so that they are prepared and ready for life and for the world. 

Our total education nurtures our students to the best of their potential so that they may lead purposeful lives and contribute actively to society. Our strategies include (a) cultivating a vibrant and conducive school environment for teaching and learning with a forward-looking curriculum. (b) inculcating strength of character in our students. As our school prepares our young for the future – a future with changes and uncertainty – their character needs to be strengthened with strong values which will guide them towards responsible decision making. (c) Building up a team of competent staff with focus on excellence. Our staff is committed to provide good teaching so that we inspire our students to learn well. Our staff is also faithful to live lives guided by sound values so as to be role models through word and deed. (d) Forging strong partnership with stakeholders to enable us to fulfill our mission.

Core Values

  1. Serve with Respect – We value people, reaching out to build strong and trusting relationships.
  2. Lead with Integrity – We demonstrate honesty and moral courage, being upright and trustworthy.  
  3. Live with Compassion – We seek to understand and care, extending our hands to others in need.  
  4. Learn with Excellence – We inspire learning, seek continuous improvement and bring out the best in everyone.