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Modular Programme (Values Education)

Developing a basic set of values has always been a cornerstone of a students’ education. “We must put values and character development at the core of our education system,” Education Minister Heng Swee Keat declared in his speech in the 2011 work plan seminar.

Values Education (VE) refers to the study of development of essential values in students and in RVPS, it involves the teaching of the school values (RICE), Leadership Qualities (C3R), SE competencies and the ability to make good choices and internalize them. In this programme, we expose our students to rich learning experiences and help them to reflect on the choices that they make.

In RVPS, we place importance in the quality of teacher-student relationships and a caring environment which is essential to the character development of our students. We believe that values are caught when students see values lived out in different learning experiences, first in the role models and significant adults to them, then in their own lives.

Intent:To provide students with learning experiences, so that students will have a better understanding of the values and eventually imbibe those values.


  1. Equips every child with positive attitudes towards learning of values
  1. Enriches every child with authentic learning experiences
  1. Empowers every child to develop the feelings for and to act on their values, through real life experiences in various contexts.
  1. allows every child to Explore by discussing in groups on the application of a particular value