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National Education


National Education in RVPS is guided by a framework that articulates the NE goals and approaches. Students acquire socio-cultural sensitivity and Social Emotional competencies through Learning Journeys and Values-In-Action Programmes. Structured reflection is also incorporated in the activities to enable students to internalize their learning. A school-wide approach is adopted to infuse National Education into curriculum and school programmes. 

P5 students LJ to Chinatown.jpeg

P5 students Learning Journey to Chinatown 

There are also 4 NE Core Events and Celebrations in a year; namely Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day to enable students to appreciate our national identity and develop a sense of belonging to the country. NE Ambassadors are appointed to play significant roles in inculcating the six NE messages in their peers. Trainings for NE ambassadors are held at least once in each term to empower them with the necessary skills to lead the school in our NE journey.

NE ambassador presentation TDD.JPG

NE ambassador presenting on Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day 2018 Total Defence Day is commemorated yearly to remind Singaporeans to strengthen our resolve to keep Singapore safe, secure and sovereign. In RVPS, we recognise how crucial it is for us to develop our younger generation to step up and play their part to strengthen their unity and resolve in the face of the complex and multi-faceted challenges the world is currently facing. 

The theme for this year’s Total Defence Day is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’. During the Total Defence week, our NE Ambassadors shared with the entire school the 5 pillars of Total Defence. Quizzes were conducted on 15 February to reinforce the important messages of Total Defence and, using the FAST kit in the students’ handbook, responses were captured at a glance. 
During recess, students also get to participate in the Total Defence Day booths set up by the Student Councillors. One of the most popular activities that students get to participate in was learning how to administer CPR. 

Recess Activities TDD.jpg

Recess activities picture

In the classrooms, students were engaged in a myriad of classroom activities, discussions and group work on how they can play their part in Total Defence. Students were taught that there are many areas in their lives, be it in school or at home, where they can contribute to a strong and resilient Singapore.