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Student Leadership (Councillors)

In RVPS, every child matters, and we believe that every RVian can be a leader. Thus, Every RVian A Leader programme aims to provide a total education that is value-driven and student-centric, so as to nurture our students to the best of their abilities.


In inculcating strength of character in our students, a school-wide approach is adopted whereby the staff and key partners are involved in developing the students’ leadership qualities. The students will acquire four key leadership qualities of Communication, Collaboration, Care and Responsibility at the end of six years and the development of these qualities will be through the 4Es approach, namely Equip, Enrich, Empower and Explore.



In the training of student councillors, servant leadership forms the backbone of the student councillors’ structure. Through servant leadership, student councillors learn to work with peers and to value diverse opinions. Platforms are also made available to them so that they can edify other leaders and to serve the school and community with humility.

Besides student councillors, students are also empowered to take on a myriad of leadership roles in the class, such that they are given ample opportunities to explore different leadership roles in their 6 years in RVPS.


Various platforms are made available to the different leadership roles to enrich their leadership experiences in school. Termly trainings are conducted by the teachers to cater to their learning  needs such that they learn self-awareness and how they can play a part to serve the school and the community.

Students also get to go on learning journeys to enrich their experiences and share their learning with their peers. Student councillors are also given opportunities to edify the younger students during P3 camp, Wildlife Buddy Programme and termly Kindergarten Visits. Student councillors also go through Junior Lionhearter Ambassador training to enrich their experiences as a community leader for emergency preparedness.


Student councillors’ logbooks are used for students to reflect and explore ways in which they can better themselves as servant leaders.

The school also explores opportunities for the student councillors to widen their horizons and deepen their understanding and learning as servant leaders.

In the selection of P4 student councillors, a rigorous 4-step approach is employed to explore students’ suitability as student councillors. This allows for a better fit of students’ leadership potential based on school needs.


In the training of student councillors, they are empowered to take charge of their assigned projects for the year. Hence, the student councillors will work among themselves to decide how the projects can be implemented and they are made fully responsible for the implementation and outcome of the projects.

Student councillors also engage in peer and self-assessment at mid-year and year-end to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Together with event-based reflections in their log books, student councillors will go through a leadership journey of personal reflections and improvements.