About RV

Student Well-Being

In River Valley Primary School, we believe in building a strong culture of care built on the solid foundation of our school’s values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. Our teachers help students to develop 21st century competencies through daily classroom interaction and beyond. In addition, we believe in the holistic development of our students and recognise the importance of students’ well-being in maximising their potential so that they may lead purposeful lives.  

We have dedicated and caring teachers who spend time and effort getting to know each child individually, ensuring a strong and positive Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) that lays the foundation for an enriching school experience. When students view their teachers as caring and supportive, they are more likely to be academically motivated and engaged, as well as to be able to regulate their own behaviour to act responsibly.

We seek to inculcate and reinforce the Social Emotional competencies, values and more through various Values in Action (ViA) activities, school events such as Sports Carnival, Children of Wealth (COW) carnival, and NE commemoration. In addition, we have programmes implemented to affirm students’ efforts, success and achievements.

Built on a caring culture, our students learn to care, lead, support, show kindness and appreciation to peers, teachers, parents, the school attendants and the less fortunate.

Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

FTGP is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) which encompasses the explicit teaching of Social and Emotional (SE) competencies (including Cyber Wellness and Education and Career Guidance) and building TSR.

SE learning teaches our students the need to handle themselves, relationships, and work both effectively and ethically. These skills include recognising and managing their emotions, developing care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations effectively.

Form Teachers play an important role in shaping the development of the students, and to understand their well-being. Hence, during FTGP, there are interaction activities and discussions to address issues and reinforce core values to enable students to apply them in real-life situations.

1-to-1 Interaction

To enhance interaction and bonding time with form teachers, River Valley has implemented 1-to-1 interaction time which will be conducted concurrently during FTGP. While one of the form teachers conducts FTGP lessons, the other form teacher will have conversations with students individually to understand them better and give students encouragement on their good qualities. In addition, time is provided on alternate assembly periods on Monday for both form teachers to conduct 1-to-1 interaction with their students. Students will get to share about their strengths and interests, to complement the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) framework. After which, form teachers will write 1-to-1 notes to students to affirm or provide feedback on their progress.

RVian Award

The intent of RVian award is to encourage students in recognition of displaying Leadership Qualities (Care, Communication, Collaboration and Responsibility) and Academic Progress. It includes the various domains contributing to our school vision of ‘Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders’.

Students are given opportunities and platforms to display their Leadership Qualities through the Every RVian A Leader programme, P3-P5 camps, Sports Carnival, Daily Clean-up and ViA activities.

At the end of each Semester, teachers give feedback on specific domain to guide and encourage students in developing their leadership qualities. Through self-reflection, peer feedback and continuous coaching by teachers, every RVian is developed to be an edifying leader.

Level Initiatives

Appreciating the Guardians of RV

In conjunction with Labour Day, the Primary 2 students took the opportunity to show their appreciation for the Guardians of RV by writing ‘thank you’ notes to them. The Guardians of RV refer to our security guards, the ‘Aunties’ and ‘Uncles’ who ensure that our environment is safe and clean for our teaching and learning.

Prior to that, the Guardians of RV were invited to the P2 classes during Values Education lessons for students to get to know them better and to understand their jobs and duties in schools. The Guardians of RV also share advices to our P2 students on safety and cleanliness in school.

Through this activity, students learn the importance of gratitude and showing appreciation to people who has contributed to the betterment of their lives.

Spread Words of Encouragement

We recognised that everyone needs a little encouragement every now and again. Prior to PSLE, our P3 students will write a note to our P6 students with the purpose of:

  • Motivating them to do well in PSLE
  • Put a bounce in their step and a smile on their face
  • Showing support and a thoughtful reminder to show that the other students care

During one of the interaction activities during FTGP, the P3 Form teachers will show some examples of words of encouragement and time will be given for students to create their notes. In return, the P6 students will reciprocate the kind gesture by writing a personalised note back to the P3 students before their SA1 examinations.

Through this activity, students are able to forge strong social bonds by showing care and love to others. This also creates a culture of care in River Valley Primary School.