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Band (Concert)

RVPS Concert Band

The band was formed since 1978. From a Brass Band then, we have converted into a Concert Band in 2009, with the inclusion of the Woodwinds Section. The Band has a current strength of 30 members.


Professional Band conductors are engaged to work with the students. Even students with no prior music background have enjoyed the CCA and performed for various occasions. Outstanding members have also been selected into prestigious secondary schools through the Direct School Admission (DSA) Program.



The band performs for school events such as National Day, Teacher’s Day and Speech Day. The band is also an active participant of the SYF and has brought glory to the school with achievements in the competition. There are also opportunities for members to perform at public events both locally and overseas.


In the RV Concert band family, we organize in-house camps, trips to public concerts and school exchange programs to widen students’ repertoire of learning. As such, members not only learn, create and appreciate music, but they are also given opportunities to develop their sense of responsibility, independence and leadership qualities through the CCA.