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Boys Only


The RV Basketball Team comprises of the Competitive Team and the Recreation Team.


All players undergo training on Fridays during curriculum time. Fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting are taught and honed during this period of time. This is to provide players with a strong foundation for more advanced skills. Advanced players will be selected to join the Competitive Team while the rest of the players form the Recreation Team.


The Competitive Team trains on 2 – 3 times a week and are taught advanced skills such as tactics and game play situations to prepare them for competitions nationwide. The Recreation Team will compete amongst them so as to promote a sense of competitiveness to allow better players to emerge and transit into the Competitive Team. Each individual is valued and is given en equal opportunity to develop their skills.


The structure of the CCA is supported by the school’s values as well as the Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect. We aim to see children enjoying their game of Basketball as well as developing these values.