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What is Weiqi?


Weiqi originated in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, the early game was played on a board with a 17×17 grid, but by the time that the game spread to Korea and Japan in about the 7th century, boards with a 19×19 grid had become standard.


The game is played by two players who alternately place black and white stones (playing pieces) on the vacant intersections of a grid of 19×19 lines. The object of the game is to control a larger portion of the board than the opponent. A stone or a group of stones is captured and removed if it has no empty adjacent intersections, the result of being completely surrounded by stones of the opposing color.


River Valley WeiQi was formed in 2009. In a joint effort with Singapore Weiqi Association, we aim to provide more exposure for budding players in matches.