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Floorball is an exciting indoor sport that blends elements of ice hockey and other team sports such as football and basketball. A floorball game can be played with 5 outfield players as well as a goalkeeper for each team. During a game each team can have up to 20 players. It is an easy to pick up sport as all that is needed is a floorball stick and a ball.

The Floorball CCA in River Valley Primary School offers boys with an opportunity to build endurance, agility and stamina through the intensive training sessions. Essential techniques such as passing, dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping are being taught during our weekly CCA trainings. Besides acquiring the game playing skills from our professional full-time coach, our floorball boys also learn to exhibit sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and discipline from our teachers
Our pupils are also given the opportunity to participate in competitions to represent our school!
To be part of this fun and popular sport, join us now!