About RV


Being the world’s most popular sport, it is no surprise that Football has the largest membership among all CCAs in the school. Such is the passion for the Beautiful Game, that it has the biggest appeal among all the sports.   Just look around during our yearly National Day celebrations : with all pupils dressed in red, a large number are in their Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United jerseys.


Football is not only the most popular sport in RV, it is also the most successful to date. Speaking of date, one will go down in history : 11 April 2017. It is the date when the school Football team made history. Our Junior boys were the first in any RV team sport to win the National School Games SZPSSC Championships, the official competition in which all sport teams represent the school every year. With previous teams often falling short in this annual official SSC competition, our Junior Football boys this time went all the way to capture the title, beating ACS Junior 3-2 in a gruelling final. Relive their Amazing Journey below.


Football is a game of passion, and we want all the boys to enjoy the game. Our focus is grounded on 2 principles : development and exposure, with emphasis on school values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.   For development, we emphasise on the Total Education offered by RV through nurturing the Total Athlete : players whose mental and social development is given as much emphasis as their physical one. Physical development is through providing as much training and match opportunities for players to show Excellence to acquire adequate skills to play the game well. Mental development is through teaching Integrity; in accepting defeat with grace, and sportsmanship through accepting their mistakes and never blaming others. Social development is by creating team camaraderie through showing Respect and Compassion towards all players regardless of ability, and helping each other willingly; via very established training routines.

For exposure, we do not nail a player onto a given position: be it goalkeeper, defender or forward, but allowing them to experience all positions and equipping them with the skills to do so. And for that, we also do not segregate players into elite or non-school team members, but allowing all boys to represent the school at some point, by sourcing out as many tournament opportunities as possible. That is why all our boys wear the team jersey, with their own number, to make it known that everyone is part of the team and anyone can be called upon to represent the school.