About RV


The RVPS Netball Team is made up of the Competitive Squad and the Recreational Squad.

The Recreational Squad trains on Friday morning during curriculum time allotted for CCA. The girls go through a series of drills and training during this time, with the coach's guidance. They will also get to play the game proper to exercise their understanding of the game and its rules.

Our Competitive Squad includes the Senior and the Junior Teams, training two times per week with the coach to prepare them for competitions nationwide. On top of the existing Friday training, competitive players train on Mondays after school.

Netball members will be introduced to the game of Netball through play and understanding of the rules. They will also be introduced to the physical, technical and tactical aspects of the game.

The importance of teamwork during the game is strongly emphasized.At the end of the 4 years, we hope to develop their passion for Netball as a lifelong sport as well as prepare them for a more advanced level of game play when they proceed to Secondary school.