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Swimming (Competitive)

RV’s Swimming Team

Training sessions at CCAB on Friday mornings. A session of Fitness, Friendship and Fun.

Competitive swimming is a high-intensity training and performance sport.  Our swimmers are trained in using the four strokes, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. In order to perform their best in competitions, our swimmers learn the specified stroke adequately and cover a certain distance in a faster time than the rest of the competitors. 

Training sessions at CCAB on Monday afternoons - Flippa Ball - The Game where fun comes a ball at a time.

Flippa Ball is a simplified version of Water Polo that introduces the sport to beginners. Played in a wading pool of about 1m in depth, Flippa Ball is perfect for beginners with little or no swimming abilities. Having taken off across Australia and New Zealand, Flippa Ball is not only viewed as a developmental game for Water Polo at the senior level, but also an aquatic activity that fosters vital skills such as water confidence and team work.