About RV


Volleyball was formed in RV in 2004 and is one of the most popular sports CCAs in the school, with more than 100 members at its peak of popularity.


Besides learning ball-handling skills and techniques from our two professional full-time coaches, our volleyball members also learn about discipline, respect and teamwork from the teachers and coaches. School team members gradually learn about dedication and commitment, as they find the balance between schoolwork and sports. Our volleyball members are mostly high achievers in their studies, mostly from our top classes in the upper primary.


In 2008, Yang Tian Zhou, one of our senior school team boys, achieved the Top PSLE student award by obtaining the highest PSLE score in the school amongst his cohort. Tian Zhou and his team also achieved the Top 4 in the South Zone and went on to participate in the National tournament that year. Thus, Volleyball in River Valley has been synonymous with achievement and success.


All boys and girls who are interested to learn volleyball are always welcome to sign up!