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History of Wushu

Wushu is an exhibition as well as a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. It was created in the People's Republic of China after 1949, in an attempt to nationalize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. Most of the modern competition forms were formed from their parent arts such as 少林拳 (Shao Lin Quan).


The newly formed RVPS Wushu CCA in 2008.



About RVPS Wushu

RVPS Wushu Team was set up in Semester 2 2008. The

forty-five members then were just like any other ordinary

pupils in school. However, they went through rigorous and physically - demanding trainings that they had not experienced before in their lives. Not only did the trainings help most of them to build up their physique, it had also made them mentally stronger than before.



Towards a Spirit of Excellence

During December of the same year, members of the newly formed RVPS Wushu School Team trained hard to prepare themselves for the 5th National Inter-Primary Wushu Championship held in 2009. That first national competition gave them many good takeaways such as treating their opponents with respect, the courage to perform in front of their opponents from other schools, and most importantly, not to give up easily but to take up the challenge to improve themselves despite not winning any medals.


RVPS Wushu received an accolade at the 7th National Inter-Primary Wushu Competition 2011. Teo Pei Xuan of P5 Honesty attained 4th for the 3 Duan Spear Junior Girls event. Celeste Ling Zi Qi of P6 Graciousness pitted herself against past years medal winners (one of whom was both an ASEAN Youth Champion and a 1st position winner on the National Youth Team) and managed to achieve 6th for the 4 Duan Spear Senior Girls event. In 2012, Cherry Ling  of P5 Graciousness obtained 3rd for the 4 Duan Spear Junior Girls event.


Performing during the RVPS Lunar New Year celebrations.

An Avenue for Creativity

RVPS Wushu’s debut performance at the school’s Speech Day2009 impressed the audiences and there was an increase in student members in 2010.

In addition, senior members are encouraged to choreograph their own performances in school with guidance from their coaches.The recent 2011 Lunar New Year performance was one of them. The learning process reflected the passion they have for Wushu as well as the creative potential within every one of them.




A Compassionate Heart

Pupils warming up before their CIP Performance.

RVPS Wushu Team trains not just for competitions and performances but also tries to contribute back to society. Their involvements in Community Involvement Programs (CIP) include performing for charity events as well as school performances. To date, members have performed for the StreetWise Run 2010, the Jalan Besar CC Mid-Autumn Performance, the Tribute to the Elderly-Chinese New Year Celebration at Toa Payoh Senior Citizens’ Health Care Centre, the Radin Mas Rhythm in Harmony Event at Radin Mas CC, the National Day Celebrations at Singapore General Hospital, the Tanglin-Cairnhill CCC Lantern Festival Celebration at Tiong Bahru Park, etc. Furthermore, our students had been invited to showcase their skills during the annual River Hongbao 2012 held at the Float @ Marina Bay.



It’s Not All About Winning …

Our main objective is to increase sporting and performance opportunities for the young, especially those previously not involved in sports and hopefully to assist the participants to be healthier individuals.  Besides that, Wushu training in RVPS can help in the pupils’ character building, improving self-esteem and nurturing of life skills.


Members of the RVPS Wushu School Team.



RVPS Wushu will continue to nurture its members to be Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders so as to become useful members of society and spread the martial spirit of Wushu.