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Curriculum Customisation


In River Valley Primary, the English curriculum is based on the STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading) Programme developed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2006. STELLAR has been fully implemented from Primary One to Primary Six in RVPS. STELLAR’s Vision is to develop in children the love for reading and a strong foundation in the English Language. It aims to strengthen children’s learning of the English Language and promote a positive attitude towards reading by using engaging and age-appropriate strategies and instructional materials.

Writing Program

The EL teachers at the Upper Primary level seek the best way to scaffold students’ learning and development in writing. After analysing the data to identify the actual learning gaps, teachers  decided that students should use character traits to develop their story in order for it to be more descriptive and compelling. The descriptions of a character’s appearance, behaviour, emotions, ways of speaking or thinking and the actions or mannerisms need to be explicitly portrayed in a narrative writing piece; the first or third person’s point of view, can be given an explicit ‘voice’ to tell the story in a compelling way.

As such, the acronym ‘HEART’ was devised to guide students to elaborate and add details to their writing pieces using Happenings (actions), Emotion(feelings), Appearance, Response (dialogue) and Thoughts of the characters in their story.

The teachers then decided to use good exemplary narrative text to guide the students to infuse the HEART in their stories. It soon became clear that Mentor Texts is a practical solution for designing systematic writing lessons in the classrooms. The use of Mentor Texts to guide and develop student writing was started in the Primary Five and Six classes in 2016. It was a conscious effort to make an impact on students’ learning of writing crafts involved in narrative or information narrative texts.

Oral Program

At RVPS pupils are taught oral through the strategy, SEP ( State, Elaborate and Personal experience). SEP guides students in their oral planning and provides them with a structure to work with. This strategy is taught from P1 to P6 and reinforced through our oral booklets prepared for each level.

The P6 pupils are given extra oral practice sessions in the morning before the start of school in the hall. These sessions gives teachers the time to provide students with one-to-one feedback. 

Reading @ RVPS

Raise a Reader
Being avid readers helps children master language skills, expand their general knowledge, become more socially aware, more confident, more inspired, as well as develop their intellect.
Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. It is crucial that pupils do not only read to pass the test as the effects of that would, at best, be short term. Reading for pleasure is critical for ensuring that the practice, needed to become fluent, becomes part of the learners’ everyday life.

With iRead books
Every class is supplied with quality graded fiction and non-fiction books. Pupils are encouraged to borrow them to read for leisure and as a form of further reflecting on them, they also make entries in their Reading Log. Once the quota of books for their level has been met, the pupils can present it to the librarian at the school library to redeem a badge.
Semestrally, since last year, our pupils are issued with booklets from the National Library (NLB) which list books of a theme similar to those of their English STELLAR readers. These books can be found in the National Library’s collections so pupils who do not know what books to select are given a better idea of what is suitable and available.

Through Our Library
Our school library holds a wide collection of books for the students to enjoy and grow as an avid reader. The library runs storytelling sessions for the P1s and 2s, with the help of the dedicated and creative parents of our Parents Support Group (PSG).
In addition, we hold the annual Family@Library event this year it will be during the September holidays, to promote family bonding and boost the reading habit among the younger pupils.
We collaborate with National Library Board and invite them for NLB Mass borrowing session. This provides our students with yet another opportunity to borrow books and brings NLB closer to them.

Integrated Learning

Harnessing ICT

In RVPS, we  equip every child with knowledge on how to leverage on ICT to support learning. Enrich every child with authentic learning experiences, and empowers every child to use ICT enhance learning in a responsible way.

Hence, teachers infuse ICT into EL classroom to promote an environment that allows self-directed learning and co-construction of new knowledge through exploration take place.


  • Touch typing
  • Using Microsoft Words for writing


  • MC Online Learning Portal for class blog
  • Oral Companion in MC Online Portal


  • Use of Padlet, NEARPOD and MC Online portal for discussion, feedback and sharing