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Programmes for Chinese Language

Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programme (TDP) is designed for selected Primary 4 and Primary 5 higher ability pupils who have consistently shown high levels of proficiency in the Chinese Language. The programme aims at heightening students’ interest in the Chinese Language as well as to provide an out-of-classroom context for greater effectiveness in communicating in the language. Through TDP, students will learn the basic skills in news reporting and broadcasting, thereby enhancing their proficiency in the Chinese Language, oral presentation skills and inter-personal communication skills.Pupils will be also be trained in basic techniques of filming and news editing. 

Primary 3 Primary 4 HCL Mother Tongue Enrichment Programme

The Primary 3 and Primary 4 Higher Chinese Language Enrichment programme aims to develop pupils who have flair for the language, and have demonstrated strong interest and positive learning attitude. As an enrichment programme offered to the group of selected pupils, it aims to deepen their knowledge of the language and appreciation of the Chinese Culture, nurturing them into proficient learners of the language. 

China Cultural Immersion Programme

Our annual China Cultural Immersion Programme is conducted at the end of Term 2 every year. The objective of this immersion programme is to deepen and enrich our pupils’ knowledge of the Chinese language, history and culture. The programme provides pupils the opportunity of immersing themselves in the rich history and culture of China through exchange programme in a local primary school in China and visits to national monuments and historical sites. 

Primary 1 to Primary 4 Cultural Workshops

The Cultural Workshops are conducted during the March and September holidays for Primary 1 to Primary 4 pupils. These cultural workshops aims to provide a wide range of interesting hands-on MTL activities to deepen pupils’ interest in the cultural aspects of the language.

Fun with Chinese Language (语文乐)

Fun with Chinese promotes the learning of Chinese Language through fun and interesting language games. It is also a collaboration between our PSG and the MTL department to reach out to our students during their recesses to enhance their learning experience outside their classroom. Besides the games stall set up by our PSG during recesses, this innovative programme also includes biweekly brain teaser activity sheets to help pupils develop an interest in Chinese language.

Parents’ Workshops

Having a close partnership with the school will help parents to better understand pupils’ learning experience, and better support our pupils’ learning. Hence, the P1 Holistic Assessment Parents’ Workshop and Primary 5 & 6 Parents’ Workshop are conducted in Term 1 every year to equip parents with some basic knowledge on helping their children to learn better and do well for Chinese. 

Other MTL Programmes @ RVPS:

  • PSLE Booster MTL Fortnight
  • Conversational Malay P6
  • Morning Reading Programme
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Reading Programme (Family @ Library)
  • P4 Cultural Performance Theatre Experience

MT Modular Programme

The Mother Tongue Modular programme provides a platform for the Primary One students to explore, imagine and learn with curiosity and most importantly to experience the joy of learning the Mother Languages. Students will participate in a series of lessons consist of rhymes, music and movement, language games and story-telling. These age-appropriate activities allow the students to learn the different thinking skills and to be creative, as well as be more confident in using their Mother Tongue language. At the end of the programme, students will be showcasing what they have learned by putting up a performance.