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Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) Approach

Science teachers in River Valley Primary School use an Inquiry-based Learning approach to help students learn Science.  Every RVian learn Science in fun and interesting ways, and is curious and inquisitive about things around them.

In an IBL Science class in RVPS, Science teachers aim to Equip all RVians with Knowledge, Skills and Values through student exploration, discussions, and collaborating via hands-on activities.

Besides developing and applying their cognitive understanding, RVians are also Empowered to actualize the school values of Respect (how they should listen when their friend is explaining), Integrity (having the moral courage to speak up when their peers are not doing the right thing), Compassion (care for the environment and biodiversity by using recycled materials in their science lessons) and Excellence (being passionate and taking ownership of their learning).

Demonstrations and Experimentation

Demonstrations are teacher-centric and promote scaffolding when students acquire Science concepts and can lead to student experimentation.  Experimentation - students doing hands-on activities, Enriches students by providing them with opportunities to observe Science phenomena with the use of Science apparatus.

Outdoor Learning

RVians take part in outdoor learning so that their knowledge extends beyond school walls. Visits to relevant places of scientific interest provides students with opportunities to observe and Explore the world around them.

Infusion of ICT

RVians are more self-directed and engaged as they make use of ICT in the learning of Science in an interactive and collaborative ICT-enabled environment.

Observing different plants and plant parts in school
Learning about water sources in Singapore at NEWater Plant
Designing an experiment to investigate light
Investigating the effects on heat transfer

Modular Programme

The P1 and 2 Science Modular Programme aims to Empower our P1 and P2 students to be curious and be keen observers about the world around them.

In this programme, the students will be doing basic investigative work to explore Science phenomena.  
They will also discuss and collaborate with their friends and co-create knowledge with their peers and their teachers.
By inculcating a Joy of Learning Science at an early age, the students will be imbued with the relevant values and dispositions.  
These become a strong foundation for our students when they learn Science from Primary 3.

Communicating using the paper telephone 2.jpg
Communicating using the paper telephone

Learning about the solar system.jpg
 Learning about the solar system
Making a sun dial to tell the time.jpg
 Making a sun dial to tell the time

fly the furtherest.jpg 
Testing whose rocket can fly the furtherest