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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, 

Our students are growing up in exciting times. Their future will be filled with tremendous opportunities and changes that we possibly cannot foresee today. The purpose of our schools is to equip our young with knowledge, skills and character values that will enable them to stay relevant, excel and to take Singapore forward in her future.  

As an educator, I play a key role in safeguarding our nation’s future, the social fabric and our identity. Our school system is entrusted with the important task of growing citizens with strong civic-mindedness and love for the country. Besides building a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, the other aims of our education system include enabling our students to understand the world around them and discover their personal talents so that they can lead fulfilling lives as individuals and active, compassionate citizens. This pursuit is just as important as their other academic pursuits. As Singapore continues to prosper, it is important that our students remain grounded in their values, be able to work in teams, be willing to step out of their comfort zones to contribute and make a difference in Singapore. 

In RVPS, we will continue to channel our energies towards nurturing our children to be future-ready 21st century citizens, who not only possess the relevant skills and competencies to compete with the best in the world, but are also imbued with the right values and hearts that put others’ needs before one’s own. 

As a parent of two children, I believe that family plays an important role in our students’ education. Beyond home, our students spend most of their time in school. It is important that parents and schools establish and maintain honest and open communication lines geared towards the best possible education for our children. 

In RVPS, we will work closely with our parents to establish effective and robust home-school collaborations to create conducive learning environments at home and in school. We also look forward to partnering you to build strong foundations and cultivate essential skills that would help your child to excel not only academically but also in life. Let us work together to prepare every RVian for the test of life, not just a life of tests. RVPS wishes all RVians joy and excitement in this life-long journey of learning.

Strive For the Best! 

Mdm Wong Li Peng