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Partnering Community Stakeholders

Community partnerships provide for our students meaningful platforms to be involved as committed members of the community. Over the years, our school has build up a strong and supportive network of key community partners such as Thye Hua Kwan (THK) Moral Society, National Environment Agency (NEA), the Singapore Zoo to support the school’s LLP and various VIA programmes.

In the collaboration with THK Moral Society, our intent was for our Primary Six children to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of our pioneer Singaporeans who have supported the building of our nation. Through meet-up platforms whereby the children will mingle and partner our seniors in activities, they learn that the seniors communicate differently and it helps them to build a greater awareness and understanding of the elderly individual, their collective needs and aspirations. 


In our efforts to develop RVians into socially responsible citizens, our school collaborated with NEA for our Primary Four and Primary Five VIA. The Primary Four students were taught by trainers from NEA to educate them on the importance of keeping the school clean as well as to train them in the various skills required for the cleaning activities. This ‘Buddy Clean Workshop’ is based on NEA’s programme which aims to inculcate positive social values and norms on cleanliness amongst students. The Primary 5 students participated in the Tray Return Campaign organised by NEA. Our students contributed meaningfully to the community by being ambassadors who educated the patrons at various hawker centres on the importance of returning trays after their meals. The students carried out their VIA activity at hawker centres situated at Tiong Bahru, Zion Road, Alexandra and Bukit Merah.


The school has been collaborating with Singapore Zoo to train our Junior Councillors to be Wildlife Buddies. This collaboration provided the platform for the councillors to learn to be community leaders, playing an active role in teaching our Primary One students on the need to care for animals. The councillors underwent two sessions of training with the instructors from the Singapore Zoo before commencing their in-depth discussions to synergize and work together to research and prepare resources to guide our Primary One students. This collaboration took on another level through the virtual platform in 2020 whereby the councillors prepared and designed e-books on animals in the zoo to share stories with the Primary One students.