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Parent Engagement Programme

At RV, we believe in fostering strong partnership with our parents to better support the learning and development of our children. As such we have a dedicated Parents Engagement Programme (aka PEP@RVPS) with clear defined structures/platforms to guide us in nurturing the partnership. 

(I) Communications

The school believes that regular communication with parents will allow to have a more intimate understanding of their children’s learning and growth in the school. Hence, we have the following avenues to reach out:

  • Principal’s termly letter outlining the new initiatives, school core programmes/ initiatives and calendar of events.

  • Letters/Emails from form teachers and Year Heads to parents for each semester so that parents know whom they need to contact with regard to their children’s academic progress and behaviours. 

  • Parents are also regularly informed of school activities and special functions via platforms such as Parents’ Gateway, School website, Bi-annual RV Heartbeat

  • Emails, class dojo, telephone calls and Zoom calls to correspond.


(II) Parents’ Involvement Platforms

Nurturing home-school partnerships should not be premised on communications per se. We believe that there must be platforms whereby parents could also participate and get involved. Hence we have a two-tier approach to involve our parents.

At Tier 1: Generic involvement of parents in their children’s learning, we promote this initiative through the following:

(a) Briefing to Parents

School organizes several briefings to parents to help them better understand the education landscape and how the school is supporting their children through its programme offerings. Some briefings that we conduct include P1 Meet the Parents session to help our P1 parents gain a better understanding of the school’s programmes, Briefing for selected P1 parents on the Learning Support Programme, Updates to the new PSLE and Sec 1 Posting systems for P6 parents.

(b) Workshops for Parents

The workshops we organized annually for our parents in areas such as Math, Science, Mother Tongue and English are well-received. For 2021, we will also be adding on Cyber-wellness Workshop to support our parents in engaging our children to exercise self- care when they are using the technological affordances

Research has shown that parental involvement in school has many benefits for the child and the parents, besides benefits for the school. As such at  Tier 2, we have parent volunteers (serving through the PSG) who dedicate their time and efforts through their involvement in various school programmes and activities to contribute to the holistic development and well-being of RVians. Some activities that the PSG organises/ are involved include Library Duties, English & MT Storytelling and events such as P6 Graduation Day, Children's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

For parents who are wavering if they should volunteer, being actively involved in your child's learning journey at RVPS will certainly allow you to forge a closer bond with your child. The privilege and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of not just your children and also other students in their journey through RVPS is invaluable. Should any parent wishes to join the PSG, you may wish to click on the link attached. Please register here as a new Parent Volunteer.


For the immense support given by our volunteers, the school recognizes through them via the following avenues:

  • Presented token of appreciation to PSG at Annual EOY prize presentation.
  • Appreciation Reception to thank the parent volunteers for their contribution in organisation of school events

To ensure that our PEP@RVPS remains useful and relevant to parents, we would review its implementation annually. One of the sources that we use to review is the feedback given by parents

(III) Feedback

Parents can give us their feedback through channels such as the End of Year Parents’ survey, informal feedback through PSG, email correspondences between parents and staff or telephone calls.